Guarantee and delivery

Delivery is carried out by any suitable means of transport to anywhere in Russia and the CIS.

Shipment by rail

  • Containers 20 tons, 5 tons, 3 tons,
  • Gondola car, platform

We have our own terminal at Chelyabinsk - Gruzovoy.

We do not earn on delivery, we save your time

We are working urgently at railroad rates.

Shipment by road

Our logistics service through the use of constant automobile cargo flows, used by DROBservice LLC. will save not only time but also money.

Logistics Department: Madyarova Guzel, tel .: +7 902 868 07 20, e-mail:


Certainly possible.

All supplied spare parts are warranted by DROBservice LLC. Quality claims are accepted within 90 days. In the case of inadequate quality of the delivered products, replacement is carried out at the expense of DROBservice LLC, or a refund is made.

Attention! When concluding contracts, please note that DROBservice LLC, Chelyabinsk, does not have and does not plan to open subsidiaries in Russia. All enterprises using the word “DROBservice” in the name have no relation to the original company.